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Key Requirements for Monitoring Remote Networks

Visibility into last-mile performance
Visibility into the application delivery paths that users take is more important than ever with WFH - last-mile ISPs and residential internet now have to contend with the expectations users have for business-grade connections.

Active network performance monitoring
As apps are migrated to the cloud, visibility is lost. And visibility into user experience is even more critical as business hours fluctuate in a WFH world. Identifying root cause in this new reality is not a task that IT is instrumented for without active testing.

Simple and scalable
AppNeta can scale to thousands of workstations to provide a full picture of the new extents of the network with Native Installation for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Customers can manage mass deployment using management tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM).

Required Visibility for Monitoring WFH Users

Drill into End-user Experience

Enterprise IT is always in some state of transformation, so don’t wait to see the impact. Baseline performance before, during, and after projects to prove success to your users and your managers.

When employees are working from home (WFH), the number of potential problem domains that you’re faced with increases with every new user and new app. As enterprises shift towards a higher percentage of workers being remote, the requirement to support both controlled in-office networks and dynamic home networks is here to stay.

AppNeta gives you the visibility necessary to assure quality end-user experience for every user, regardless of location. By helping improve mean time to resolution (MTTR), AppNeta enables you to focus on more strategic long-term projects that provide value to the business.

Drive IT Efficiency

In the world of WFH, you’re serving as both enterprise strategists and home internet support, causing many teams to spend more time on troubleshooting end-user experience. When compared to an office environment, the MTTR for issues at users’ locations is longer since you may not be familiar with the network setup and have to troubleshoot via non-technical users.

Don’t wait for end users to report app performance issues and waste time on inefficient troubleshooting. Spend more time on strategic projects with proactive visibility into your network. You can improve conditions when employees work from home by investing in new cloud-based solutions or identifying areas for network evolution.

Pedro Diaz, CIO, OneLink

Without AppNeta, we’d have to rely on very basic stuff — as rudimentary as an agent giving support a ping that may not even arrive in time because of a bad connection.

—Pedro Diaz, CIO, OneLink

Where can IT make an immediate impact?

Last-mile ISP Visibility

Understanding the transit networks that users take is crucial to narrowing the scope of performance issues. This connectivity is usually asymmetric and invisible to most users.

Last-mile ISP visibility provided by BGP AS data for all past and active routes
Easily compare connections across regions and locations.

In-home connection visibility

IT is doubling as home tech support. You’re having to ask for or seek out a ton of information surrounding a user’s home setup in order to offer help. AppNeta tests over the same last-hop connection used by end-user workstations, be it wired or wireless, to provide continuous visibility and metrics for remote users. Troubleshooting networks you didn’t build is hard enough, but when you have limited access it gets even harder.

End-user application perspective

Business-critical apps run your enterprise and with users at home good performance can be limited. Visibility may also be almost zero for some companies. AppNeta can help you monitor these apps with proactive monitoring to lessen or even prevent user impact.

Actively monitor business-critical apps for proactive insight into performance

Monitoring VPNs or CASBs?

Most enterprises employ some kind of secure tunnel functionality, but each one is different. Getting visibility into these is key and you need this actionable data to ensure that issue resolution is quick and effective.

Monitoring that’s not just WFH

Shift towards a long-term focus for network improvements and solutions. AppNeta can monitor WFH users and in-office users with the same visibility. AppNeta can drive visibility across your corporate infrastructure so that there are no blind spots.

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