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WiFi Monitoring

Add AppNeta for a Better WiFi Network

Office infrastructure has evolved to mandate one, if not multiple, WiFi networks. From guest networks and BYOD to conference rooms and remote work, WiFi is a crucial part of office life and the primary connection point for many employees. If your employees are often on laptops, they depend on the WiFi more than wired connections. AppNeta can measure across all connections—WiFi, wired and even IPSec or SSL VPN tunnels as well as support IPv4 and IPv6.

Live Wired and Wireless Comparisons

In many modern offices, users move from meeting to meeting and rely on WiFi to connect to SaaS apps when they're not at their desk. At other offices, all users are connecting via WiFi. If you're monitoring a SaaS app like G Suite with a wired connection, you'll likely see details like in the chart below. This shows the live wired connection between Denver, CO to G Suite.

Wired LAN Connection: Denver --> Salesforce

Wired LAN Connection: Denver --> Salesforce

But AppNeta takes monitoring even further. Our purpose-built monitoring points can become members of the WiFi network to accurately track end-user experience over the wireless network. Below, you can see that the actual wireless performance is not the same as the wired performance. The capacity can be compared over both networks and monitored in that context.

Wireless LAN Connection: Denver --> Salesforce

Wireless LAN Connection: Denver --> Salesforce

Get the Benefits of Monitoring WiFi

Monitor WiFi Continuously

With AppNeta, you get always-on monitoring. By running our active testing tool, you'll see what happened leading up to an issue even if it’s in a remote office with no on-site IT. You can configure alerts so you're never surprised by calls complaining that the WiFi is slow. Get proactive with monitoring with the combination of active and passive methodologies from AppNeta. You can measure over multiple access points or just one. And for those remote locations, you will no longer need to go on-site to troubleshoot issues.

With AppNeta, we can now log on to a specific guest WiFi network the same way a customer in the store would and experience it from their perspective, which we haven’t been able to do with any other tool out there.

— Paul C., Network Services Manager, Fashion Retailer

See True WiFi Measurements for VoIP

WiFi monitoring is essential for measuring end-user experience. Because AppNeta deployment is on both WiFi and wired ethernet networks, you can make active performance comparisons over both connection types with the context of QoS monitoring as well. If you don't have 802.11ac everywhere, you might see simplex issues in video calls that don't exist in your hardwired VoIP lines. Do your users know the difference? No, but they shouldn't have to. With AppNeta, you can ensure call quality on every interface your users need.

Provide a Consistent User Experience

IT infrastructure in every modern business includes multiple WiFi networks. Being able to identify user connection points and experience is crucial for troubleshooting when they call with performance issues. When you know which user and which connection are having problems, you can quickly correlate where problems occurred and know how to fix them.