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The management scope for enterprise IT has exploded from primarily ensuring performance at a handful of remote office locations, to the addition of a per-user management scope that encompasses thousands of residential locations with various connectivity challenges.

The concept of Work from Anywhere (WFA) combines traditional offices, growing cloud environments, and home offices to build the hybrid work landscape for the future. Variation in the level of control and visibility that IT has into these environments can make it difficult to troubleshoot even the most basic network issues. AppNeta provides this visibility so that you can be proactive when addressing issues that affect end-user experience in a hybrid work environment.

100% Coverage
Monitoring needs to shed light on your entire landscape, including internal and external networks as well as developed and SaaS apps.

Every app, every user, every location
Visibility to shorten the time required to identify the root cause of performance issues.

Identify Root Cause Faster
With full visibility into remote offices, IT can isolate network issues, including those caused by 3rd parties.

Consequences of Poor Remote Office Visibility

Consequences of Poor WFA Visibility

With hybrid work enabling employees to work from anywhere, IT efficiency suffers when you don’t have the visibility required to isolate network issues quickly. Whether it’s home environments out of your control, 3rd party connectivity for remote users, or cloud environments where new apps are being accessed, you can’t spend excessive time “firefighting” when your time could be better suited strategizing new transformation projects or improving existing networks.

With AppNeta, IT operations teams can provide the metrics necessary to reduce the scope of issues and identify where they occurred. By monitoring continuously, AppNeta also provides insight as to when issues occurred so periodic or intermittent problems can be discovered.

How SaaS Growth Impacts Network Visibility

Comprehensive visibility into the performance of every app, user, and location is critical for you to ensure the network is equipped with the requirements necessary to support the new breed of cloud and SaaS tools users rely on most. This can help illuminate areas of the network where you could leverage more cost-effective connectivity options like local Internet breakouts or SD-WAN connectivity instead of MPLS or other private circuits.

How SaaS Growth Impacts Network Visibility

Required Monitoring Capabilities to Deliver WFA Performance Visibility:

When you can ensure that you have complete visibility into every location where employees connect from, they can more predictably ensure end users aren’t meaningfully impacted by performance issues, while also starting to think strategically about how to plan for the future. Visibility empowers teams to more predictably budget for projects and ensure they meet their goals on schedule.

  • Complete, flexible coverage of all users and all the applications that are consumed
  • Scalable, easy to use SaaS platform without management overhead
  • Frictionless deployment fully managed by IT
  • Discern where, when, and why the problem occurred, and what applications/users were impacted
  • Differentiate real performance problems from noisy users
  • Provide local environment context for distributed workforce troubleshooting (WiFi, Host, Top Apps, etc.)

AppNeta arms enterprise IT teams with the visibility they need to zero in on issues wherever they take place across the network. This goes beyond just having hop-by-hop visibility into the paths that traffic takes across the WAN, but being able to gain a local perspective into how users are experiencing their apps in the network wherever they’re located globally.

With hybrid work, IT isn’t always on-site. Let AppNeta be the eyes and ears on the ground allowing a centralized IT team to handle issues that come up with Work from Anywhere proactively by watching the end-to-end network delivery paths that bring business-critical apps to users wherever they are.

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