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Monitor Application Usage

See SaaS and cloud application traffic on all your networks

Cloud, SaaS, and Internet transformations have pushed enterprise networks to their limits. Understanding what is running across remote offices is critical to understanding the end-user experience across the enterprise. Monitoring application and network use requires insight into packet and flow data that can illuminate congestion issues and reduce the risk of poor performance that impact end-user experience.

IT Ops groups can discover all the apps in use in their organization by deploying purpose-built physical or virtual Monitoring Points. AppNeta’s comprehensive technology performs Deep Packet Inspection on 100% of traffic to investigate how end users are experiencing those applications with metrics like TCP retransmit rates. It’s continuous, lightweight, and more granular than traditional tools like NetFlow which requires additional management and storage infrastructure. Usage data is passively collected from traffic already traversing the network to provide crucial context to AppNeta's active technologies and the inclusion of flow data and raw packet insight rounds out our 4-Dimensional monitoring.

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Monitor any app, anytime

Get a big-picture look at which apps are in use and what their total traffic volume is with AppNeta's tailored graphs and reports. There are more than 2,000 built-in apps as part of AppNeta's solution. Add your own custom app definitions as needed. You'll see everything in use on your network, whether off-site or on-premises.

With this functionality, you can categorize and classify apps into buckets: Business Critical, Normal and Recreational. For example, identify whether streaming media is congesting the network and causing delays for other apps like Salesforce or ServiceNow. You'll be able to pinpoint exactly which apps are hogging bandwidth and where, by which user, to reallocate resources as needed.

AppNeta's simple graphics include this application traffic breakdown across Boston and San Francisco offices

Application traffic breakdown across Boston and San Francisco offices

Get the top application traffic details with host correlation using performance monitoring

Top application traffic details with host correlation

See end-user experience

AppNeta offers powerful, unique granularity into specific end-user experience. Get application and network metrics for users at all of your locations. Identify if slow performance is unique to a user, app or location by exploring your traffic data quickly and easily. You'll be able to see whether the problem is within your control or whether it's a SaaS provider or an ISP issue.

This image shows AppNeta's detailed view into end-user experience. See the Top Hosts for our Boston, MA location that were using Facebook Video. Our user on host JLT178 streamed over 200MB of data just after 9:00AM. We can explore the app across all users in Boston to see if this affected anyone elses performance. 

Discover and visualize application use

Our tools bring you intuitive, interactive visualizations of application use across all your offices. You'll see the application in use, and can see on a per-user basis who's having a good experience and who's having a bad one.

Unlike legacy monitoring tools, which are very device-centric, AppNeta's solution goes beyond simple port and protocol statistics. Our big data capabilities allow you to get a picture of any user at any location on the fly. The accompanying image shows how AppNeta's tools match location with application use for a quick, digestible view. Flow data combined with DPI analysis allows AppNeta to discover all apps in use (not just web apps) and see the impact on real users across all apps on the network.

AppNeta shows you top applications by network traffic across Boston and San Francisco offices

Top applications by traffic across Boston and San Francisco offices

Get this view of a networking protocol breakdown from a remote packet capture

Protocol breakdown from a remote packet capture

Use built-in remote packet capture

Beyond flow analysis, Usage also has true packet-level visibility with the option to run and analyze captures at any location, whether you're there or not, to gather the information you need to solve issues faster. For remote locations, you won't need to rely on non-technical users to provide feedback. 

Access the packet capture immediately to analyze the top protocols in use at the site or download the complete encrypted capture file. All packet captures are encrypted with FIPS 140-2 and PCI DSS compliant encryption before the capture leaves the Monitoring Point and are transferred via encrypted protocols so that your captures are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Keep packet captures for a year, see AD users, schedule report delivery and do local DNS resolution with AppNeta

Additional Features

Take advantage of 90-day data retention on any speed network
Unlimited remote packet captures retained for 1 year
Host-level resolution to identify user-specific issues
Deploy with inline or span connectivity
Customize alerts when you need them with the details you need
Scheduled and ad-hoc reporting available in seconds
Local DNS resolution for host identification
Fast, scalable big data architecture, using AWS and Google components to index and store data