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Network monitoring requirements for the modern enterprise

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Adopting new cloud and SaaS workflows can make network management a lot more complicated for enterprise IT teams. A network of well-connected remote locations and workers allows many parts of the business to be more agile and less confined by geography, but it puts greater stress on IT to ensure that network backbone is performant.

Because of SaaS, IT teams have less ownership of the apps and workflows teams use across a web of locations, it can be difficult for IT teams to spot performance issues before end users surface them. As a result, frustrated end users may start pointing fingers at the network when their apps aren’t meeting performance standards, even if the blame should fall elsewhere. Through active and passive monitoring of business-critical apps and locations, AppNeta can help drive IT efficiency.

Get Proactive
Stay ahead of performance issues with active monitoring to identify issues before they impact end users.

Reduce Resolution Time
Spend less time troubleshooting and find the root cause of issues faster.

Lower Costs
Reduce the budget footprint of IT by removing redundant, legacy solutions that don’t work in the cloud.

Get the Complete Picture

Get the Complete Picture

At the end of the day, if teams can’t efficiently gain a comprehensive picture of all apps, users, and locations, help tickets will only start to pile up. While other areas of the business become more agile and efficient, the personnel in IT will feel the strain of always falling farther and farther off target, which could result in high turnover or force teams to turn to outsourcing. If not that, then the lack of confidence in IT may force decision makers to reallocate or simply reduce IT budgets, which could impact efficiency across the organization in the long run.

The Dream of IT Efficiency: Realized

When IT doesn’t have an efficient method to get visibility into performance at remote networks, issue resolution becomes a guessing game and teams waste time, ultimately eroding confidence in IT’s abilities as issues become chronic. IT teams need proactive isolation of end-user impacting issues to identify whether fault falls on the app or the user. To do so, AppNeta delivers performance insight into internet connections and cloud services to ensure the deluge of cloud and SaaS apps being deployed aren’t happening in the shadows, allowing teams to plan for network support where it means the most to business.

The dream of IT efficiency: realized

Web synthetics to baseline app performance as it changes over time.

An active approach to measuring health and availability of the network.

Who, when, and what application traffic is on the network.

100% capture of the actual data from the packets on the network.

A Combined Approach

AppNeta’s unique visibility allows IT resolve — or at least identify — issues faster, helping establish themselves as a strategic arm to the business.

With a combination of path, packet, web and flow data, IT can more predictably assure the network’s readiness to handle big projects and overhauls. At the same time, teams can set predictable budgets and timelines for strategic projects that they can more easily track, ensuring initiatives are delivered on time and establishing confidence in IT.

Required Monitoring Capabilities to Make IT More Efficient:

AppNeta is equipped to scale for complete enterprise coverage as well as easy integration into existing processes and workflows.

  • Ability to proactively isolate end-user-impacting issues to ether the network or app
  • A combination of path, packet, web, and flow data to understand the problem
  • Ability to cost-effectively scale for complete enterprise coverage
  • Performance insight into internet connections and cloud services
  • Seamless integration into existing operational processes and workflows

AppNeta offers enterprise IT a SaaS solution that marries these capabilities into a single platform to help them improve efficiency even as their networks become more complex. AppNeta delivers near real-time performance data for thousands of locations on thousands of networks, with out-of-the-box visibility into thousands of applications from remote locations. The solution can be deployed from the smallest remote office to the largest data center while integrating into networks as they exist today, or evolving with IT’s plans for the network’s future.

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