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AppNeta customers can use best-of-breed software while including AppNeta data in any third-party or internal apps. We build our technology for today's distributed environments, so you can monitor seamlessly across applications, networks and locations.

Include Embeddable Charts

AppNeta charts are available as a fully embeddable HTML snippet, so you can integrate AppNeta data with any web or monitoring portal. AppNeta's charts include customizable options for data refresh timing, responsive size and time range. You can see the network context for any monitoring task.

Real-time Network Capacity: Boston --> Denver

Real-time Network Capacity: Boston --> Denver

Use Third-Party Apps Easily

AppNeta integrates with the products you already use. Through the use of our push/pull API we've had our team or customers successfully integrate the options below. If you want to read more on how to integrate with common apps check out our posts for Slack and ServiceNow. Got an application you use but don't see it here? Let us know.

AppNeta integrates with PagerDuty
AppNeta integrates with Slack
AppNeta integrates with Webhooks
AppNeta integrates with SNMP

Our API Works With You

It’s essential that you can access the data you need across your app ecosystem. AppNeta's extensive API lets you pull the right data into the right platform. Get comprehensive examples and details on every API method. We support tens of thousands of calls per day, instead of limiting you to a few hundred. The AppNeta REST API offers the pull of data along with the ability to push asynchronous events on demand via our observer functionality. The observer functions as a way to push events to an API pool. That way, you can be proactive instead of polling the event pool every five minutes.

AppNeta’s API allows customers to take their data to any platform they desire with a comprehensive REST API