AppNeta Global Alliances

Join AppNeta to start delivering valuable network and application insights directly to your customers, leveraging AppNeta’s active and passive approach to application and network performance monitoring.

Get visibility anywhere, any time

With network and application performance monitoring that’s active and continuous, partners can get ahead of complex end-user issues and deliver unparalleled performance insight as an added value passed directly onto their customers.

Troubleshoot with ease

AppNeta provides a unique combination of 4 dimensions including application discovery and identification (Usage), active network monitoring of the application delivery path (Delivery) and synthetic monitoring of business-critical applications (Experience).

Deploy and scale faster

AppNeta offers a range of deployment options, from virtual machines to physical plug-and-play monitoring points sent ready to go. Partners can get customers started quickly, see ROI earlier, and expand beyond traditional monitoring tools.

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Partnering with AppNeta

AppNeta is designed to grant visibility into the largest, most distributed enterprise networks on Earth, helping IT and Ops teams orchestrate and synchronize their network and application visibility as their footprint grows and business evolves.

As a result, we help support the critical network infrastructure of some of the most dynamic enterprise businesses around the globe, bridging visibility gaps and ensuring business flexibility no matter what our partners are up against.

By partnering with AppNeta, you can pass these valuable network insights onto your customers to help derive greater value from the solutions you provide and a deeper trust in your ability to guide customers through their network transformations.

Why AppNeta?

Cloud and SaaS application performance: See from the end user perspective, through the network, to the application. AppNeta helps customers gain performance visibility and SLA validation for any cloud application‚ including Google Apps, Office 365 and NetSuite.

End-user experience from remote locations: Monitor back to headquarters or the data center and even into third-party applications and cloud environments. AppNeta lets you know about application and network performance issues before they impact work from anywhere users.

Application and network performance: Get the data you need from data center to cloud, cloud to cloud or data center to data center. For organizations leveraging public/private networks and hybrid or cloud environments, AppNeta can provide visibility that is unavailable with any other technology.

Quality support: Our networking experts are ready to help you wade through even the most technical issue. Routinely praised and highly skilled, AppNeta’s support team is the best in the business.

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ENS Global, London, United Kingdom
Fortinet, California, USA
Full Control Networks, North Yorkshire , United Kingdom
Fuze, Massachusetts, USA
Genesys, California, USA
Integration Partners, Massachusetts, USA
Kraft Kennedy, New York, USA
Light Networks, Georgia, USA
Oneneck It Solutions, Arizona, USA
Telepacific Communications, California, USA
Poly, California, USA