How IT can Enhance End-User Experience

Proactive Performance Insight for Every App

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Cloud and SaaS apps are meant to be a boon for everyday workers, but when employees start relying heavily on modern solutions that aren’t owned and managed on-premises, it’s not a guarantee that users will enjoy the efficiency that these new tools promise.

IT loses a great deal of the inherent visibility and control over application performance when businesses adopt Cloud and SaaS solutions. As remote offices propagate and SaaS tools bombard enterprise networks, IT teams largely remain centralized. As a result, end users end up ringing the alarm about business-impacting issues before IT is aware. Get visibility into the true end-user experience with active and passive monitoring from AppNeta.

Proactive Alerting
When IT is the last to know about issues, credibility is lost. Gain it back by getting ahead of performance problems.

Reduce MTTR
Identify issues quicker and get to the root cause before users are impacted and productivity grinds to a halt.

Hold 3rd Parties Accountable
Hold service providers and application vendors accountable to SLAs with granular performance data.

Be the First to Know

Be the First to Know

Users lose confidence in IT if they have to report problems. But, they also don’t tend to report issues until their productivity is already severely impacted. It’s no surprise then that end users will be quick to blame IT when application performance issues arise, regardless of whether they have control over the issue.

This frustration with IT can manifest a culture of finger-pointing. When IT doesn’t have a grasp on how end-user expectations are aligning with actual app performance at a given location they have nowhere to begin in mapping out projects that could help improve connectivity at a given location.

End-to-end Visibility is Key

When IT employs continuous monitoring of every app, user, and location across the enterprise network, they can proactively alert on network and application performance issues before they ever impact end users. This will ideally result in improved end-user productivity, while fewer helpdesk tickets get escalated to IT, freeing teams up to focus on more strategic projects that’ll help enable productivity across the organization.

End-to-end Visibility is Key
Pinpoint Application Impact

Enforce SLAs with Service Providers

IT teams require visibility into every third-party network or service so that there’s minimal delay in identifying and communicating the root cause of a given issue. Ideally, this speeds up mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and at the very least, accelerates mean-time-to-innocence (MTTI) when issues are blamed on the network but are really the fault of a third party. Visibility is critical in helping teams hold service providers and application vendors accountable to SLAs.

Keep an Eye on Traffic

When IT can identify all user traffic and classify applications in use across the entire network, they have more reliable information to help inform how they manage the network and enhance it for the future. This leads to more efficient capacity planning and budgeting, which will ultimately help IT deliver a better service to end users in the future.

Visibility critical from the get-go

Required Monitoring Capabilities for Enhancing End-User Experience:

Comprehensive visibility ends the finger-pointing and rebuilds trust in IT to provide a consistent and reliable experience of networks and applications to end users, wherever they’re located.

  • Continuous monitoring of every app and every user at every location
  • See the performance across any third-party network or service
  • Flexible deployments to scale to any environment
  • Identify all user traffic and classify/categorize applications in use across the network
  • Quickly discern app vs. network issues

AppNeta offers enterprise IT a comprehensive solution to experience the network the same way applications do. This gives IT a true picture of end-to-end performance, allowing them to gain a local perspective into how apps are experienced in any office and for all users.

AppNeta enables teams to understand network performance from where apps are consumed to where they originate, and every hop in between. This enables IT to identify any application in use at any remote location by continuously measuring its performance for each user, helping IT understand the impact that app has on the network that delivers it.

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