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Modern enterprise networks are constantly in a state of transformation. New traffic, new locations and cloud-delivered workflows are flooding enterprise networks across industries and verticals, putting greater pressure on IT teams to retire their legacy network infrastructure for more agile, scalable and future-facing designs optimized for the cloud.

Enterprises are also going Internet-first — if not Internet-only — by retiring bulky MPLS connectivity between their users, apps, and branch locations. Additionally, the growing adoption of SD-WAN solutions aim to help enterprise IT teams retain a level of control over their infrastructure when they lose explicit “ownership” of the network pathways their traffic leverages. Through active and passive monitoring of business-critical apps and locations, AppNeta can drive success for IT transformation.

Before, During and After
Baseline before transformation, test during to prevent user impact, and measure after to prove success.

Improve Agility
Support and enable business growth with real-time monitoring of all critical connections.

Report in Impact
Get alerted to performance degradation of critical applications before end users are impacted.

Fight Migration Complexity

Fight Migration Complexity

Migrations are difficult projects that aren’t guaranteed to work with existing network architectures. Many transformations uncover underlying issues that also must be fixed to ensure that end-user experience after the transition is not negatively impacted. This is especially true when teams don’t employ monitoring solutions to track performance baselines before, validation during and visibility after the network has been overhauled, ensuring there are no surprises once projects are underway.

Visibility Critical from the Get-Go

There’s no guarantee that a transformation project is going to work without an understanding of the state of the network today and a way to visualize which areas are ripe for improvement. Transformations require comprehensive visibility into the current network status, whether this is as simple as identifying apps that can be offloaded from an MPLS link to one that’s direct-to-Internet, or as complex as moving to a hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. With visibility into what’s working and what’s not, teams can better establish a method for tackling transformations of any scale in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

Visibility critical from the get-go
Pinpoint Application Impact

Pinpoint Application Impact

IT needs visibility into how new workflows impact existing tools that users still need to access throughout the effort. As migrations are rolled out, real-time analysis can inform future stages of the project. If new components are taking up network capacity at the expense of the performance of other business-critical tools, teams need to be able to quickly pinpoint the problem and take action so that the existing performance standards are consistent throughout the transformation (and IT retains faith from users, as well as senior leadership).

Active Monitoring Synchronizes the Entire Effort

The solutions that teams use to monitor this traffic can’t introduce additional complexity into the transformation project or added overhead to the network, either. By partnering with an active performance monitoring solution that alerts IT to performance degradation of critical applications before end users are impacted, teams can enjoy a level of automation and confidence that helps speed up and synchronize the entire transformation effort. Additionally, historical reporting enables teams to prove the success of their efforts to other business units.

Visibility critical from the get-go

Required Monitoring Capabilities to Drive Successful Transformation:

Monitoring solutions can also ensure you’re holding your third-party partners to task, including ISPs who play a critical role in delivering the network backbone for enterprises migrating to the cloud. Teams can ensure providers are meeting their SLAs by automating alerts for when performance degrades or isn’t meeting acceptable thresholds.

  • Ability to monitor across the internet to cloud and SaaS environments
  • Granular, 24/7 monitoring of any business-critical application
  • Integration with all business-critical systems
  • Ability to trend issues over time
  • Easy and scalable deployment
  • Root cause determination

AppNeta enables teams to establish their own performance benchmarks and ensure that throughout any transformation, when end users are negatively impacted by a change, IT can react quickly to remedy the issue — or even get ahead of problems before they impact users.

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