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Comprehensive DNS Monitoring

Making IT more efficient is all about visibility. The first step in every web transaction is a DNS lookup to resolve the URL to an IP Address. With multiple domain lookups required for every web application, DNS is often overlooked as a source of poor web performance because it is transparent to the user. Poor DNS performance is also difficult to detect without dedicated testing. Whether you run DNS for your enterprise or rely on an external party, AppNeta can help you determine the root cause of a DNS issue. Unlike other DNS monitoring solutions, these new capabilities are designed specifically to assess the performance of DNS from the perspective of the end user, not just from the view of the DNS server owner.

Diagram of DNS: IP Address Resolution

Fully Integrated

DNS is a key part of your web performance and with AppNeta DNS is monitored automatically. There is no separate premium to test response. As part of every Experience web path, DNS is included. AppNeta monitors DNS at no extra configuration or charge because it is one of many things that can impact SaaS and Web App performance. When users report issues with applications AppNeta can tell you in seconds whether or not DNS is to blame.

DNS monitoring to

DNS monitoring shows the different resolved IP addresses for and while availability is 100%, performance was far worse than normal.

No Configuration Needed

These measurements are performed for each web transaction, each time they are executed. AppNeta keeps track of all DNS server IP addresses, responding DNS servers, response times and keeps that data for 1 year all at no additional charge. This allows you to visualize the impact of DNS resolution on the end-user experience of an application and see degrading trends in performance or identify patterns in performance spikes. AppNeta’s DNS monitoring is available on all applications and adds the application context, so IT can identify if an application problem is related to DNS resolution.

Comprehensive Coverage

AppNeta’s approach to DNS monitoring is flexible and fits perfectly into any network architecture, especially those undergoing Cloud, SaaS, or Internet transformations. With the increased use of Direct Internet Access, DNS responses may be delivered to enterprise locations through a diverse collection of servers – both internal and through an array of ISPs and DNS providers – which makes comprehensive monitoring essential.

With many enterprises, DNS is a redundant architecture relying on local and internal backup servers as well as public DNS providers like Dyn or Route 53. We automatically measure the performance to each DNS Server, not just the fastest or the ones explicitly defined for the test. This allows IT to see when one server response is slower than expected.