Monitor App Delivery, Even Into the Cloud

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Monitor Application Delivery

Active monitoring for the end-to-end network path

To fully understand the end-user experience for modern web and SaaS apps, IT needs better performance visibility from the end-user perspective. To enable the success of network transformation, AppNeta provides visibility into the networks and applications that business relies on. This visibility enhances IT efficiency by identifying the root cause of performance issues faster, allowing IT and Network Ops teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

AppNeta actively sends a small amount of traffic every minute with our TruPath™ technology to provide continuous hop-by-hop visibility along the network path between the apps critical to your business and your users at distributed remote locations. Combined with multiple methods of passive packet-level visibility and active web synthetics, AppNeta provides the 4 dimensions of network and application monitoring critical to modern enterprises.

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Active, continuous, lightweight monitoring

Continuous, active monitoring ensures that you have a record of every performance issue when you need it even if IT is only alerted to an issue hours after it occurred. With 30-50 packets per minute AppNeta can accurately measure the network without flooding it meaning that always-on monitoring won’t impact network performance. View hop-by-hop network analysis of the entire app delivery path, with all the critical metrics over TCP, UDP and ICMP–even on Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP) networks. Data from public BGP sources is included to identify when data is traversing ISP networks, Public Cloud Provider networks, or SaaS Vendor infrastructure. Monitor over the actual delivery path your apps take so you can have the confidence to troubleshoot complex issues regardless of whether your traffic flows over MPLS, through SD-WAN pairings, through CASB services, or directly over an ISP.

AppNeta performance monitoring shows you routing differences from multiple locations through cloud networks

Routing differences between multiple locations over time to a Skype anycast endpoint

Get hop-by-hop diagnostic information with symptoms and analysis using AppNeta

Hop-by-hop diagnostic information with symptoms and analysis

Get automatic diagnostics for root cause analysis

AppNeta actively monitors your network in real time so that we can determine when to automatically escalate if alert thresholds are violated. AppNeta identifies over 88 different network issues, including route changes or QoS alterations. AppNeta's pattern-matching algorithm uses hop-by-hop diagnostic data to gather every metric you need to quickly determine the root cause of the issue. Get actionable alerts when you need them and with all the data you require to solve the problem fast.

Include wired and wireless networks in monitoring

Wireless networks are essential for office workers today, and are often the cause of user angst. With AppNeta you can compare wired versus wireless performance with a single purpose-built monitoring point. Isolate performance issues to single offices, apps or users. With networking every hop counts so don't forget the critical WiFi hop in monitoring end-user experience. AppNeta's Small Office monitoring points can monitor multiple networks simultaneously to verify corporate WiFi, guest networks and BYOD networks. 

AppNeta monitors all networks--you'll get wired vs. wireless performance comparison reports

Wired vs. wireless performance comparison report

AppNeta network monitoring shows you mean opinion score (MOS) and jitter trends over time

Mean Opinion Score and jitter trends over time

Continuously measure VoIP and UC quality

Go beyond monitoring data traffic with specific tuning for voice problems for any VoIP needs, including at virtual call centers. With voice tests and continuous assessments you can determine where performance is dropping and see relevant voice metrics including QoS, MOS, jitter and latency.

Now we can say ‘it’s not a network problem and here is the report that shows why’ and have full confidence. Sometimes it is a network issue. And when it is we know that it is from a bad hop, or that we’re losing packets. We can see the weak link in the chain, and get it fixed.

— Paul C., Network Services Manager, Fashion Retailer

Set up alerting to go with your application-specific SLAs and create interactive reports

Additional Features

Historical multipath route visualization with AS data integration
Asynchronous measurement via virtual, physical, or container-based Monitoring Points
365-day data retention
Hop-by-hop measurement with Capacity, Latency, Loss, Jitter, and QoS metrics
Embeddable charts and API data access
SNMP device polling on diagnostic test via automatic escalation
Alerting in line with application-specific SLAs and custom alert profiles for all hours
Interactive and scheduled report delivery for business metric correlation